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As the bell rings, we formally enter 2023. Before entering a new chapter, let us look at the 2022 journey together.

Yeah. Moonbeam和Moonriver So 2022 is a milestone year: not only Moonbeam Started in 2022 in Poca, and Moonriver Successful renewal Kusama Parallel chain slot lease periods. In addition, cross-linkage contracts are beginning to receive ecological attention, and new community proposals are beginning to enter the community perspective. Let’s look at this together. Moonbeam What has been achieved in the past 12 months.

## Achievements in 2022

* Moonbeam The number of ecological projects amounted to 303
* Moonbeam The total number of transactions reached 8,493,985.
* Moonbeam Total number of addresses reached 1,636,653

Source: [F] Web3Go Moonbeam Data Panel] Web3Go Moonbeam]

## Moonbeam It’s officially started.

Moonbeam By completing the start-up process, the official launch took place on January 11, 2022, and the show began in 2022. Moonbeam I saw it. Moonbeam Significant influx of deployment projects and activities in ecosystems, including new NFT、DeFi、API The project, and more. And… Moonriver Entering second round of operation, [successful renewal] Kusama Parallel chain slots] [ Kusama]。

* Moonbeam It will also be held on 11 January [F] Moonbeam First anniversary celebration of the online celebration of the first anniversary of the celebration of the first anniversary of the Moonbeam [Recall the 2022 outlook 2023. ]

## Interconnection contracts (%) Connected Contracts)

In 2022, the developers started to use it. Moonbeam和Moonriver to build a cross-chain interface application, allowing the end user to use any Token Combining with functions on any block chain and being experienced in the same application. These interconnection contracts represent the Poca ecosystem. Web These are the major shifts in usability in area 3. Moonbeam Progress made in 2022.

Cross-linkages articles and bulletins:

* [January] |Moonriver Add cross-link function [1_] Moonriver Yes. Moonriver Up and start the raw cross-link. token function and will XC – I’ll introduce it. Kusama
* [April] |Moonbeam Introduction XC – Twenty cross-links. Token][4_Moonbeam_XC-20_Token _ Dotsama Ecosystems
* [April] |Runtime The 1401 upgrade allows the project to proceed. Moonbeam和Moonriver ♪ Upstairs make new XC-20 Token][4_Runtime 1401_Moonbeam_Moonriver_XC-20 Token]
* [May] |Moonbeam Add a cross-link function [5_] Moonbeam ], will xcDOT Bringing into the ecosystem
* [May] |Moonbeam和Acala Establishment of the first cross-link link between the two parallel chains on the Boca] (5__) Moonbeam_Acala]
* [June] |Moonbeam Declaration and Prime Protocol Cross-links to 6_ Moonbeam_Prime Protocol ]] and its unity comes from a variety of sources. ] Layer 1 platform functionality, use Moonbeam As a “baby camp” to achieve coherence in the chain
* [August] |Runtime 1701 upgrades to enable other parallel chains Moonbase Alpha Use on Moonbeam EVM Interactive [8_] Runtime 1701_Moonbase Alpha_Moonbeam EVM]
* [August] |Moonbeam与LayerZero Collaboration [8_] Moonbeam_LayerZero ♪ Moonbeam The developers can use it. LayerZero Unified cross-chain user experience provided
* [October] |Moonbeam Promulgation XCM Software development toolkit (in thousands of United States dollars) SDK)][10_Moonbeam_XCM_SDK # Help # Moonbeam DApp Developer simplifies the creation of cross-chain transfers
* [October] | The developers can. Hyperlane Security messaging between chains with help] [10__] Hyperlane]

Please note: the information provided in this document, including the name of the project, logo and external web links, for information purposes only, do not in any way constitute an investment proposal, and please study and judge its accuracy and authenticity.

## Community development

As the network moves towards decentralisation, Moonbeam和Moonriver It is expected that communities will be able to determine the future of the network. Moonbeam和Moonriver Various measures have been introduced to stimulate community participation.

* [Moonbeam Community Forum . Users can also contribute to the future development of the network by submitting proposals, participating in discussions, voting on snapshots to provide early input, etc. Moonbeam Governance process] Moonbeam 1]。
* [Community Grants Program [ ] is a multi-level funding structure designed to support projects in ecosystems and to assist in their implementation. ] Moonbeam Creates a preferred destination for cross-linkage applications. grants Proposal submitted by a State Party to the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Moonbeam 1]。
* [Community Treasury Program _ _ _ community committee from _ _ _ _ _ _ Moonbeam Foundations and community members committed to working on Moonbeam The draft treasury is approved in community forums and network expenditures are controlled.
* [Community Voice ] is a community space for community learning and discussion of community-based governance initiatives.

## Moonbuilders

In 2022, Moonbeam和Moonriver Technical upgrades and new plans were implemented to promote cybersecurity and help developers deploy new projects to ecosystems.

* [Moonbeam Developer’s Toolset] Moonbeam Extensions to date include: Bobabeam、Moonscan、Tenderly、Waffle、Mars、The Graph e.g. projects, thus making development and projects simpler.
* Moonbeams XCM SDK With a view to XCM Simplified. Moonbeam On-line interoperability case development.

## New plan for developers

* [Moonbuilder Academy ] is the first learning centre and educational platform for developers. Academy Designed for developers to learn how to be in Moonbeam和Moonriver Builds multi-chain applications on top.
* [Moonbeam Bug Bounty Program ][by] Immunefi和Moonbeam Co-initiated bounty scheme to motivate White Hats and developers to disclose Moonbeam (b) Potential technical or security issues such as codes, websites, transactions, etc.
* [Moonbeam Accelerator Program ] Growth of possibilities through exclusive-source training and access to technologies for their ecosystems. [A request deadline of 20 January 2023] [2023_1_20]
* Moonbeam Funding Program It consists of plans and initiatives designed to help any project to start and run as quickly as possible. grant It’s planned for educational resources. Moonbeam Financial resources could raise any project to a new level.
* [Community Grant Program][Community Grants Program ] is a multi-level funding structure designed to support projects in ecosystems and to assist in their implementation. ] Moonbeam Created to be the preferred destination for cross-linkage applications.
* [Community Treasury Program ] is composed of five members who are committed to controlling fiscal expenditures by approving or rejecting new community or ecological proposals.
* [Moonbeam Ecosystem Fund [by] Moonbeam Foundations and Arrington Capital Co-initiated, designed to support Moonbeam Up-to-date applications to tap into innovative interoperability capabilities and cross-chain deployments.

## Ecosystems

2022,[T] Moonbeam和Moonriver Ecosystems] Moonbeam_Moonriver ] Rapidly developed, cooperation has been initiated with [more than 300 projects] [300]. NFT、DeFi , developing tools, etc., Moonbeam Ecosystems continue to stimulate new activities.[ Downtown Moonbeam [ ] has an open list that covers Moonbeam All projects in the ecology, including: DeFi、NFT and well-known projects in the field of play. Moonbeam和Moonriver ♪ On everything ♪ Dapp][300]。

* Fam DeFi Item: [T] Moonwell][]、[StellaSwap][]、[Lido][]、[Beamswap][]、[Curve][]、[Beefy Finance][]
* Fam NFT Item: [T] RMRK][]、[Raresama][]、[Moonbeans][]、[NFTrade][]、[TofuNFT][]、[Exiled Racers][]
* Distinguished play items: [ Laughs ] Moonsama][]、[Kanaria Skybream][]、[Exiled Racers][]、[Moonfit][]、[Damned Pirates Society][]

## Ambassador of the Year

2022: Distinguished Ambassador


Thiago,Moonbeam Senior Ambassador (Brazil)

> “For the first time, I’m in. Moonbeam It was 2021. It was 2021. Moonbeam Not even a parallel chain. As a fan of encryption, I started with Moonbeam With the same faith and vision, I’m committed to building a multi-chain future focused on trust and decentralisation. I must say I’m lucky to be able to help. crowdloan I’ve been with you since the beginning. Moonbeam Growing up together, you’ve learned a lot. For wanting to join. Moonbeam People in the community, I suggest: share the same vision (the multi-chain future is not about defeating other chains, but about working together for the future. So don’t be afraid to meet new friends/coworkers (each ambassador I know is very good). Moonbeam The world, you’ll learn more and quickly. Moonbeam Everything that’s happened to the ecology.”

Accession Moonbeam Ambassador plans to build a multi-chain future together. !

👉 [Application for Ambassador] Link 1]

## Moonbeam Activities

Moonbeam Various influential events, talks and curriculum-sharing activities were held in 2022 focusing on ecosystems and communities[. Moonbeam Illuminate It’s on the line. Moonbeam Illuminate It has been held for the second year in a row, bringing together industry leaders and developers to create a multi-chain future. Moonbeam There was also a [connected-contracted hacking pine] Link 2]、[Polkadot Decoded NYC Forum] Polkadot Decoded NYC And more. Moonbeam High-profile events and talks.

Highlights in 2022:

* [Smart Con 2022| Builds an interconnection contract] Smart Con 2022]
* [Polkadot Decoded 2022|Moonbeam Multiple chains on the list of examples] Polkadot Decoded 2022_Moonbeam]
* [Polkadot Decoded 2022 | Moonbeam : The largest community and ecosystem built on Poca] Polkadot Decoded 2022 _ Moonbeam]

It’s hot in 2022. Workshop To share with the curriculum:

* [How will] DOT Move to Moonbeam][DOT_Moonbeam]
* ♪ How in your ♪ Ledger Use on equipment Moonbeam Native App][Ledger_Moonbeam_App]
* [Moonbeam Universe : In-depth knowledge Moonwell Team! Moonbeam Universe_Moonwell]
* [You need to understand] Moonbeam & Moonriver Matters related to pledge] Moonbeam _ Moonriver]

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